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The Most Powerful Question You Can Ask Yourself

The Most Powerful Question You Can Ask Yourself

“All men of action are dreamers.”

James Huneker

The sun finally breaks through the hazy clouds. It’s a refreshing sight and puts a warm layer on the rough nature around us. We are walking on the Veluwe, a national park in the Netherlands. Together with my family and girlfriend, I am enjoying the mostly untouched nature of this place. One of my nieces is dragging along a tree branch she intends to use for something artsy. We all know she’ll drop it halfway, and she did.

But it is fun to see what make children decide on something and act. There is no or little restriction. There is no long process between idea and execution. There is also little planning involved, but that’s accepted and trained. What I found most appealing to this observation, and why I take it into this post is the questions we ask ourselves about what we do.

We say we want to be someone, reach something, or go down a different path. We have dreams, and we have options. But people are creatures of habit and often there is a too much room between idea and execution. There are restrictions and limitations. There’s no time. There’s no money. There are no resources, or we say “I don’t know how to do it”.

Magnanimous people were all born in times or situations of limitations. I think we can all see limitations with a certain perspective. But those same times and situations provide opportunity and options too. It’s just a matter of perspective. There’s always a way to find money, time, resources, and knowledge.

With that out of the way. What is holding you back? Nothing! So every day when you wake up, you go to work, or do the things you do, ask yourself this:

“Will reaching this goal bring me closer to or further from my major objective in life?”

Remind yourself every day of your major objective(s) in life. If you don’t have one, start doing things to find it. If you do have one, make sure you do something that progresses towards it, however small it may be.

Some years ago I didn’t know what I wanted with my life. I knew I wanted something in business, but had no clue what. But I knew I wanted to travel, so I made sure I could travel. I knew I wanted to do sports and try new things, so I made sure I did it. I needed to make money to pay the rent and feed my active lifestyle, so I worked and had jobs. But never was it exactly clear about what I wanted.

Looking back, it didn’t matter. I came across a business opportunity for me personally that had everything I wanted. I knew it was perfect. It is tough and will test me on everything regarding business and development, but it is what I want and need. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t yet found it, because I cultivated a habit of doing. A short line between idea and execution.

I didn’t know how to do things. Or where I could find the knowledge. That wasn’t the problem. I had the confidence and willpower to act on my decisions. The most powerful way to get from A to B. So grab that tree branch and drag it along. We need to embrace our dreams and objectives, by asking ourselves every day: “Will this bring me closer?”


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