The Experience of Putting Yourself Out There

The Experience of Putting Yourself Out There

And Defying the Borders of Your Comfort Zone

Oi Magnanimites! Step 2. The first soloblog.

This one will be an extension of our introductory blogpost with a more personal touch. The act of publishing, or even more so, sharing my first blog ever with something substantial and private to say has been a whole new sort of internal experience. It starts with fear. You start thinking ludicrously irrational thoughts, like: “what if people (I never meet anymore) will say shit about me” or “what if the whole world will be against me??”. Insecurity is another aspect, confusion even. So much for facing this danger with tranquility… But as we said, a journey starts with a first step. Besides these rather unpleasant emotions, excitement and a bit of pride definitely played their part, which makes the experience as a whole undoubtedly a positive one. I have been dreaming of blogging for 2 or 3 years now and finally the move has been made.

Confronting Fear

After the first likes on Facebook, the rollercoaster of emotions came to its terminal and changed into a state of confidence and new ideas for the future. This second part of the experience has a double feeling to it for me. On the one hand, I dislike the fact that I need likes to feel good about a project that I think I should feel good about no matter what. In some cases or situations I can be very sensitive to the judgment of others, and that’s somewhat frustrating. On the other hand it’s a perfectly human phenomenon. Evolutionary speaking we’re social animals, we need the support of our peers. Ostracism appears to be a huge predictor of stress. So I guess that makes me a healthy person. And on top of that, if you want to accomplish something, especially in the sphere of the creative (to which I would love to ascribe this endeavor), you will have to step over this fear of criticism and confront it! Funny side note is that the confidence fades as soon as you’re about to upload the second blogpost. Yep, the fear has returned! Luckily the ideas stick.

The cliché

Comfort Zones, Responsibilities, Choices

And exactly that is a big part of what this blog is about. Defying comfort zones and finally starting the project/executing the idea you always had in mind, approach that girl/guy you’ve been spying on (you creep), or even buy those purple shoes you think no one else will like. It’s about making choices and about taking your responsibility to live your life the way it fits you best. Not at the expense of everything else, of course. But there aren’t a lot of things that should stop you. That too will be discussed. The excuses people make to stay in their comfort zones. One of mine is “perfectionism”, another is “being busy” (and I still use them…). For me, this project is the definition of a magnanimous act. And that’s why I had to write this post as a follow-up. I know it’s hard, at this very moment there still are area’s in my life where I have to defy my fears and make those choices. But you can’t make all the steps at once. But as Michel said, as long as you keep moving (hopefully mostly forward, sometimes backward to go forward again).

Where Great Minds Meet

I want to conclude today with our subtitle. I must admit. This title is prone to sounding pretentious. As you can imagine, of course it’s not meant that way. In the introduction Michel and I explained what we understand when we talk about Magnanimity. It is made clear that it isn’t about a set-in-stone personality trait, but about a mindset that is there for everyone to adopt. The choice is yours if you will, or not… My aunt told me she experienced the enthusiasm when she read the previous blogpost (I hope it’s not just because of familial encouragement). And I can honestly say that I do get excited when I find people who are on the same page and whom I can share stories with. If I’d have a tail I’d wiggle it (I guess that makes me Hachiko…). Michel and I just wanted an outlet where we can write freely and personally about what keeps us up at night and where we can find people who have similar interests, attitudes, experiences, wishes and so on. A friend of mine already told me that our introductory post motivated him. I truly cannot wish for more, small scale mission accomplished… Thank you for telling me, bro!

So what idea did you have since long? Have you executed it, or not? Why? Or why not (yet)?

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  1. Mooi verhaal en zo herkenbaar! Ik ben mijn eigen bedrijf in fotografie begonnen vorig jaar. Nog steeds bij elke opdracht of elke samenwerking eerst die twijfel; ben ik wel goed genoeg, kan ik dit, waarom kiezen mensen voor mij? Maar eenmaal bezig met een project komen de positieve kanten om de hoek kijken. Enthousiasme, trots en enorm veel plezier dat ik kan doen waar mijn hart ligt! Ik zou zeggen: “Ga ervoor! en Volg je hart!” Op naar de volgende blog 🙂

    1. Hey Gonnie! Hoe ist?! Haha… Echt supertof dat je reageert en misschien nog wel meer dat je je erin herkent. En nóg meer dat je het gewoon gedaan hebt/doet! Gek hoe die angst zelfs na een jaar er nog is eigenlijk hé. Thanks en succes met je bedrijf! Als je eens een mooi verhaal hebt, laat maar komen. Cheers!
      Hey Gonnie, how’s things?! Haha… Really awesome that you take the time to respond, and even more so that you recognize your story in it. Even more more so that you just did it! It’s crazy how that fear keeps on persisting even after a year, don’t you think? Thanks for sharing and good luck with your business! Of you have a good story to tell, bring it on. Cheers!

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