Breathe and stay calm

Breathe and stay calm

Ever since I got involved in some business projects more than a year ago, every day I have experienced an increase in pressure. More things to do. More things that really need to be done. More things that really need to be done, now.

I always had a knack for challenges, and this is no different. But other than sports, this shows up every day, all day long. I need to remain calm.

When in stress, which I am apparently not immune to, I always think about this quote I came across:


“Nothing gives a person so much advantage as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances.”

-Thomas Jefferson-



Every now and then stress pays me a visit, and I need to handle it. I either release the energy with doing something completely different (sport, reading, meditating) or I take it head on, and solve the issues. Anyhow, the only productive mode is a calm and actionable mode.

So that’s the way to roll. Always.


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