Magnanimities started as a fidget of the mind to share our ideas with the world.

The term Magnanimity can be described as Great Mind. A magnanimous person has a great mind and heart and has greatness or ‘the crowing virtue’.

The blog is built to share our ideas about what a modern Magnanimous man o woman would be, and especially how we go about trying to be one.

We’d really like to hear from you, and love all forms of feedback.


Blogger #1

Name: Michel van Keeken

What do you do: I am an entrepreneur, also work for a venture capitalist. I studied in the Netherlands at two Universities and finished an MBA. I always knew I wanted freedom, so I followed the path of entrepreneurship.

Why magnanimities: During my studies I was forced to read. A lot! Initially I didn’t like it. But it was such a fast way to gain knowledge and learn new insights and everything about other perspectives. I started to love it. Now I read popular science books, business books, and every non-fiction book that seems interesting. I read about personal development and all kinds of magnanimous topics. I believe that I am not the only one obsessively interested in learning and reading. So I thought, why not start a blog with my buddy Danny, to spill my mind and connect with like-minded people. I hope we can get you interested for topics, we think every well-developed human has to know about. And we hope that we can inspire you to never stop learning, and become a magnanimous person. For we can’t have enough of those!

Contact: michel[at]magnanimities.com


Blogger #1 as well

Name: Danny Joosten

What do you do: I am what you could call a centipede. I like to look at life as an experiment. Start with a hypothesis, test it, falsify it, and start with a new hypothesis until you find something that is satisfying enough to work with for the time being. So what do I do? First and foremost, I have started my second era as a student and aim to be a psychologist. Before that, I have been a teacher for five years and I had a trading business. Apart from that I’m a show host and presenter in commercial videos every now and then. And last but not least, I’m a percussionist as well. Like I said, an experimenting centipede. Psychology, education and entertainment are my passions and entrepreneurship always has that magic magnetic pull on me. Combining them is the objective.

Why magnanimities: I think I can say, that ever since Michel and I have worked together we clicked immediately. We had the same interests, similar attitudes, similar future plans and we read the same books. For me it was always clear: some day we have to do something together! It seems even on that part we were at the same page. Literally, being more on the same page than you see here before you now is just not possible!

Our main goal in life is growth. Ideally growth into a magnanimous person, or a magnanimite as I like to call it. Someone with a righteous and generous heart, who takes his or her life in his, or her, own hands in a courageous, as fearless as possible way, and shares that as much as possible. In my other blog (in Dutch) I intend to write about the books I read. Here we tend to speak more freely about our own journey, the things we encounter during the process and we hope to engage with people on the same journey or even with people who disagree and have other insights. Make yourself at home and speak your mind.

“Growth equals happiness” ~ Tony Robbins

“The world belongs to the ones who dare” ~ Trainer Belgian Olympic Swimming Team

Contact: danny[at]magnanimities.com