A Journey Starts With a First Step

A Journey Starts With a First Step

Two guys working together in a retail store, having a conversation

D: Ohw cool! So you have a company on the side??
M: Yeah man, we write businessplans together with entrepeneurs to give them a head start.
D: Alright, sounds interesting man! I think it’s awesome when people dare to take risks and get rewarded for it on top of that. So how’s it going?
M: Not bad actually. I just got my first employee!
D: Haha, congratulations dude! Going for the big league eh!
M: Haha, we’ll see what happens man. I’m just enjoying the ride. Learning by doing! So what are you up to?
D: Well, I have done a lot of stuff. Started a business, got out of it. Worked several jobs. Started an education to become a teacher. Quit that when I was almost done and had taught for five years. And now starting my studies in psychology.
M: Holy moly, talk about taking risks. That’s one interesting path! I like it. How come this rollercoaster of choices?
D: I never really knew what I wanted, so initially I just chose something and after that I followed whatever felt good. Looking back, that explains the diverse things I have done and still do.
M: I understand perfectly. I quit my first real job after 3 months. It just didn’t feel right, although the pay and benefits were very good. But I believe you must live your heart, to fulfill your life. A little risk has to be taken. What’s your goal with your studies?
D: I love it, without risks, there are no leaps. As for my studies, I don’t have a clear view yet. I’m really focused on getting the degree first. The only thing I know is that I want to make a difference in people’s lives. Help them becoming a better, more educated, wiser, happier person. But that’s still an idea. I am really interested in people and psychology, so I am in the right place.
M: Cool. I am doing an NLP course now. I think that would be something for you as well. It’s all about helping yourself thinking better and changing your mindset for the good. It’s the base for all the coaches and mentors you see today.
D: Yeah, I know what it is. I read a book about it and I know Tony Robbins has some of his roots in it. But I didn’t thought it to be worthwhile. But I do like the ideas about helping people and elevating yourself.
M: I think personal growth is THE way to happiness and success. Exactly what I am working on since a couple of years.
D: Haha, seems we’re quite on a par there! I’m very curious about what the future will bring. Unfortunately, patience absolutely is a virtue…
M: Yeah same here. As long as we keep moving though, being patient won’t get boring!

And now we’re here. Right in the middle of our next move, which entails sharing, discussing and keeping track of our growth process of entrepreneurial, personal and social acts.
In the meanwhile we’ve both changed jobs and we haven’t been talking as much as we did when we had been working together, of course. But as it befits in a bromance we did miss each other like Hachiko missed his master (we’ll leave it in the middle who is the master) and working together at a certain point in time was inevitable.

Now… What is ‘Magnanimity’?

According to Noah Webster of the American Language Magnanimity is defined as such:

MAGNANIMITY, n. [L. magnanimitas; magnus, great, and animus, mind.] Greatness of mind; that elevation or dignity of soul, which encounters danger and trouble with tranquility and firmness, which raises the possessor above revenge, and makes him delight in acts of benevolence, which makes him disdain injustice and meanness, and prompts him to sacrifice personal ease, interest and safety for the accomplishment of useful and noble objects. “

Classic Example of Magnanimous Men
Classic Example of Magnanimous Men

Why Magnanimities?

You might ask. Because it is part of the growth process. Danny was afraid this introductory message wouldn’t be inspiring enough. To that Michel replied: perfectionism can be a mask of fear and procrastination… The answer to that fear is taking a magnanimous stance, take the leap and just do it! (as the famous philosopher Nike once said). It’s about escaping comfort zones.
The growth process, it’s central in both our lives. And what creates even more joy than doing the thing you love to do? Indeed! Enjoying it with others! We’d like to inspire, but we also like to get inspired. We’d like to motivate, and of course we like to get motivated by you. We’d like to educate, and get educated.
So join us on the wonderful path we call progress, and lets grow into magnanimous men and women!


So what’s your level on the Magnanimity Scale? What are your experiences with Magnanimities? Show some love and comment, and/or subscribe to our newsletter. We hope to hear from you.

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  1. Great first step, super interesting to value the greatness of the mind. Really looking forward to all the great stories to come. In my opinion, by starting this initiative you are already showing magnanimous men characteristics. As networking is part of the core activities to develop yourself, lets set up a Magnanimity Meet-up somewhere next year!

  2. Ik voel “goesting” om hier iets mee te doen voor mezelf maar ik voel me ook klein omdat ik zoveel lees waar ik niets van weet
    Fantastische blog

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